Gardening Group - Using some of the items purchased from Natural Resources Wales (NRW) funding, the community team have set up a garden project from the Hwb Ferndale and currently have 8 active members who meet weekly. They have started to develop the outside area of the Hwb.

Working with Communities4Work, ‘Drink Wise, Age Well’ and ‘Active Taf’ we will also be running a ‘creating a community garden’ accredited course from September with the support of First Campus.


Schools Butterfly Project - We have also used some of the NRW purchased items to support a butterfly release project with two local schools: Ysgol Llyn Y Forwyn and Darran Park. The children at the school were able to watch the life cycle of the caterpillar and the change to butterflies before visiting Darran Park and releasing the butterflies with the children


From September, The Fern Partnership community team plan to work with the schools and families and develop outdoor and environmental projects both at the Hwb and at local schools and the team are creating a ‘Green Sleeves’ Gardening and Environmental group.