Tackling loneliness and isolation is a cross-cutting theme of all of our work. The community spirit that exists across Cwm Taf is one of our biggest assets, but we know that there are many people in the area who experience feelings of loneliness or social isolation.

Promoting and encouraging volunteering is one way that we are working to combat this, as well as working with our communities to build resilience and capacity from within. We know that there is fantastic work going on across the area by community groups, addressing local needs and increasing feelings of inclusion, connection and well-being.

Our focus in the first year has been on better understanding existing networks and groups, and understanding where we can make the biggest difference, including integrating approaches the Cwm Taf Morgannwg Regional Partnership Board. This has identified three areas of work that we will focus on in the coming years:

Social Prescribing

Resilient Befriending Services

Developing Community Support and Assets

As a cross-cutting theme, we want to ensure that working to tackle loneliness and isolation is also considered in all of our Objectives work. This has been evidenced, so far, through the volunteering fairs organised with the Strong Economy group and the community involvement in the development of the Hubs in our Community Zones.



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