Culture and Surroundings

We know the people of Cwm Taf are very proud of the area and its heritage, and the strong sense of community spirit. The valleys and our urban and green spaces of Cwm Taf are one of our biggest assets, and provide unique opportunities to get out and enjoy what’s on our doorstep. The culture and surroundings we enjoy today has been shaped by our history but we are excited to see and shape how that develops for our future generations.

Climate change is a big challenge for the area, and you can find out how organisations are responding in their climate change strategies: RCT Climate Change Strategy

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Thriving Communities having a strong community spirit is essential to building resilience. Community Hubs, like the ones in Ferndale and Gurnos, and their spokes provide opportunities for community groups to meet and socialise, as well as learn skills such as the Welsh language.

Healthy People part of a healthy lifestyle includes being active. Cwm Taf has many fantastic indoor and outdoor opportunities to make being active fun and enjoyable. Committing to becoming more active could be your small change that makes a big difference

Strong Economy Our culture and surroundings attract visitors to our area – the valleys are known as the playground of Wales and we have key tourist attractions that we are keen to improve the Cwm Taf offer. Welsh Government have chosen three of Cwm Taf’s parks to be gateway sites for the Valleys Regional Park – Cyfarthfa Park, Dare Valley Park and Ynysangharad Park

Tackling Loneliness and Isolation Our vibrant culture and community spirit is built on our community groups. Our built and natural surroundings provide opportunities for socialising, getting out and making new friends or learning new skills. Volunteering is also part of our culture, and can help with tackling feelings of loneliness and isolation