For a healthier, happier and fairer Wales

Public Health Wales is the national public health agency in Wales and exists to protect and improve health and wellbeing and reduce health inequalities for people in Wales. We are part of the NHS and report to the Cabinet Secretary for Health, Well-being and Sport in the Welsh Government.

With a strong Board, 1,700 staff and a budget of £106 million, the organisation employs the majority of the specialist public health resource in Wales.

We provide advice, expertise and specialist services to Welsh Government (working across departments), the seven health boards, two NHS Trusts, 22 local authorities, other agencies and to the population of Wales.

We provide the public health knowledge, scientific expertise and intelligence to lead transformational change and to drive a focus on ensuring that we deliver tangible improvements in health and wellbeing outcomes and reduce health inequalities in Wales.

Health and local government are among the devolved areas in Wales and therefore, working nationally and locally, Public Health Wales has access to both policy levers and local delivery systems by working closely with our partners.

Professor Sir Mansel Aylward

Chair of the Board

Tracey Cooper

Chief Executive

Huw George

Deputy Chief Executive

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