Cwm Taf draft Well-being Plan

Last year, the Public Services Board carried out the Cwm Taf Well-being Assessment. This gave the Board a good understanding of the areas of work it should make its priorities, based on what is important to the people who work and live in Cwm Taf and what they think will be important to future generations. The Assessment also looked at what our communities already have and some of the difficulties we have locally.

The Public Services Board has used the Well-being Assessment to write some draft Well-being Objectives. These outline what public services might do in the next five years to improve well-being in Cwm Taf.  They also look further into the future to what Cwm Taf might be like for our future generations of children, young people, adults and older people.

The Board will work with all its partners, including staff and the public, over the coming months to think about them in more detail and write a Well-being Plan, setting out what it wants to achieve and the steps it will take to do so.

The draft Well-being Objectives are:

  • To promote safe, confident, resilient, and thriving communities, improving the well-being of residents and visitors and building on our community assets;
  • To help people live long and healthy lives and overcome any challenges;
  • To grow a strong local economy with sustainable transport that attracts people to live, work and play in Cwm Taf.


You can read the full draft Well-being Plan here:

 Cwm Taf Draft Well-being Plan.pdf

How can you get involved in helping to shape the Cwm Taf Well-being Plan?

The draft Well-being Objectives have been written as a starting point only and the Public Services Board wants your thoughts and ideas, as the people who work and live in Cwm Taf, to help shape the Well-being Objectives and think about how we can work together to achieve them.  If you imagined Cwm Taf in thirty years time, what would you like to see?

Your responses will help develop the Well-being Plan which is due to be published in May 2018. You can get involved in the consultation by completing this short survey.

This consultation should take no more than 15 minutes of your time. The consultation is anonymous - you will not have to provide any identifying information. Please note that all text response boxes in this consultation feature a character limit of 1,000 characters (around 150 words) so please try to limit the length of your answers.

If you would prefer to complete a response on paper or if you have any additional accessibility requirements, or would like further information please phone: 01685 351440.

Please complete your response by 19th December 2017.

You can also have your say at these events:

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