The Public Services Board is committed to involving individuals, communities and partners in the design and delivery of public services. To ensure that everyone is able to work together to improve well-being in Cwm Taf, the Public Services Board is supported in engagement and communications by officers from our organisations and other partners.

The Public Engagement Group (the PEG)

The Public Engagement Group (PEG) is made up of the engagement and communications leads from the PSB partner organisations. The PEG is responsible for advising and supporting Public Services Board work streams by working with project leads to involve partners in their work.

The Public Engagement Network (the PEN)

The Public Engagement Network (PEN) supports the PEG to share information from the Public Services Board with partners and collect information from those partners to feed back into the work of the Public Services Board.

Becoming a member of the PEN is an opportunity to make sure that the conversations that are being captured to inform the work of our public services are the right ones. We want to know what the partners, groups and networks the people in the PEN know have to say about the work the Cwm Taf Public Services Board is doing.

Last Updated: 13/07/2018 10:14:45